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Prosper and Enrich.

About Us

For Achiever India Pvt Ltd is a unique company which strives to balance five important principles

ForAchiever India
Give opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs who want to create Ahimsak products by marketing their products or funding their business ideas.
Contribute to the society by supporting and promoting charitable causes that promote Ahimsa.
ForAchiever India
ForAchiever India
Promote only high-quality businesses, products, services and only items that we believe to be usable in our household.
To create a single trust worthy source of all products and services that we need in our daily life.
ForAchiever India
ForAchiever India
Integrity and truthfulness in all our dealings with everyone.

We Believe In
"अहिंसा परमो धर्म:"

Our Products

Jain Connection Connects Jain Worldwide.
Jain Marketplace
Jain Marketplace The Ahimsak Way Of Living.
Jain Marketplace
FunZone Games Fun, play & repeat